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3D MMO: Steel Legions

Steel Legions

Steel Legions is a free to play browser-based MMORPG which features rich graphics and an action based gameplay. Developed by Splitscreen Studios GmbH for Internet browsers and Windows, It offers a downloadble thin client (about 20 Megabytes) to start the game directly from the desktop and it allows a fullscreen mode and changeable whidow resolutions. It combines rich 3D visuals with accessible, fast-paced player-versus-player action.

You take control over a mechanical, steam-driven combat vehicle in an alternative history, where four factions struggle for land, resources and power. The different factions are: Phoenix Empire (In the cold, eastern high mountains, the Phoenix Empire developed a rational way of life), Tundran Warriors (This tribe, The Tundran Warriors, learned from nature. Their respect for their homeland is legendary), Pandora Rebels (In the wastelands of Pandora, resources have always been rare. While a state was never formed in this poor, chaotic swath, the Pandora Rebels rule the area with their massive military presence), and Golden Territories (Blessed with fruitful lands, the Golden Territories quickly became a rich commonwealth. Citizens enjoy the decadent and resource-intensive lifestyle). Through the premium shop, players can fill their account with Golds Coins. With Gold Coins, players gain acess to helpfull tools and pwerful gear.

3D MMO: The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online is a free2play browser based game published by Ubisoft. It presents a really intuitive gameplay and it takes some of the most beautiful RTS features to a browser game. Inside the game there are a lot of buildings that can be upgraded and they are useful to bring some raw materials to your settlement. The graphic part of The Settlers Online offers a great view and the graphic style is really nice and ironic. The game has also an item shop and to build your buildings you need real time, so it will takes also a lot of minutes or hours to finish one or more buildings. You can also build some special items that will grant you buff and other cool things that will boost your research for raw materials.

The game is, of course, free2play and can be played by your favourite browser without any problem.

3D MMO: A Mystical Land

A Mystical Land

Ready to play directly in your web browser, A Mystical Land is a free to play, browser-based, fantasy 3D MMO that combines elements of casual Facebook games with traditional MMOs. Players can keep many animals and plant vegetables in their house and garden. Players may fight and defeat monsters, accept quests to earn rewards and improve their character. It features a fantastic world full of adventures, cooperative gaming with thousands of other players, considerable crafting features (fishing, mining, collecting, cooking etc.), traditional fantasy role-playing classes like Wizards, Warriors, Archers, and Healers; and availability to play on web browsers and Facebook.

Developed by Neonga for Internet Browsers, The game lets you have all kinds of adventures together with thousands of other players in an enormous fantasy world.

3D MMO: World of Ants

World of Ants

Ready to play directly in your browser, also completely playable on Facebook World of Ants is a free to play game, developed by Crafty Studios Game, in which players have to rule over an entire ant colony. There are many tasks to accomplish in order to bring prosperity to the anthill. The anthill is made up of different chambers and mines which players can build and develop over time. These chambers serve several purposes like storing the resources players gather from mines.

The game has a premium currency system, through Sugar cubes. with these cubes, players can shorten building, research and production periods as well as increase the production of resources.

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